Bobby Calf Pickups

Central Transport pick up Bobby Calf for both Silver Fern Farms and Affco.

If you require your bobby calves to be pick up, please fill in the form opposite.

It would be helpful if:

· You ring prior to your calves starting with a start date.

· At all times follow the MPI regulations for care of bobby calves. 

· Click on this link for new calf regulations (click for pdf download).

· Make sure your flag is up if you have calves, down if not.

· It would be helpful if you positioned your pen close to your tanker track.

· Notify us when you have finished calving.

Regulations in force from August 2016

Four of the young calf regulations came into effect in August 2016. They:

  • require that young calves must be at least 4 full days of age and physically fit before they’re transported off farm for sale or slaughter or as a result of sale
  • set a maximum of 12 hours’ journey time for young calves
  • prohibit the transport of young calves by sea across Cook Strait
  • prohibit the killing of any calves by use of blunt force to the head, except in an emergency situation.


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Bobby Calf Pickup

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