Non-Food Grade

Central Transport runs 13 non-food grade tankers which primarily cart whey from the local dairy factory to spread on local farms.

These tankers are also available to cart any other non-food grade liquid product you require such as other liquid fertilisers, dirty water plus they have the ability to suck out effluent ponds. All products carted can easily be spread on farmland.

All our non-food grade trucks are also fitted with proof of placement technology offering traceability of any product spread on farm.

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Food Grade

We run 9 food grade certified tankers that are able to cart food grade products such as milk, cream, permeate, wine and drinking water.

All our Food Grade Tankers are MPI approved and are fitted with the latest technology to enable traceability of any product carted through our part of your supply chain.

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We have a range of vehicles that are certified to carry any food grade or non food grade product you may need transported.
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