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Our Fertiliser division works out of our Broadlands, Taupo and Rotorua depots. They service farms right across the Central Plateau from Rangitaiki to Tokoroa and out to the Western Bays.

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Fertiliser Suppliers

We work with all fertilisers companies such as: Ravensdown, Ballance, FertCo, Kiwi Fertiliser, Functional Fertiliser. For supply of lime we work with Rorisons, Websters Supreme, Graymont.

Whey Fertiliser

Whey is an excellent fertiliser as it contains high levels of nitrogen plus other nutrients to get your grass growing.

At present we are limited to spreading Whey within a close proximity to the dairy factory. If your farm lies within a 30km radius of the factory and you would like to know how an application of Whey can help you, please let us know.

Our Whey trucks are tracked by Precision Tracking Ltd, so by signing up to Precision Farming Ltd you can see and have a record of exactly where and when on your farm whey has been spread.

Order your whey online at Precision Farming

Recent Whey Analysis

Calcium 1030 g/m3
Magnesium 99 g/m3
pH 3.6 pH Units
Phosphorus 590 g/m3
Potassium 1300 g/m3
Sodium 340 g/m3
Sulphur 2300 g/m3
Total Nitrogen 940 g/m3

Whey Analysis Units Per Hectare

Calcium 95.90 kg/ha
Magnesium 8.93 kg/ha
Phosphorous 27.60 kg/ha
Potassium 129.58 kg/ha
Sodium 30.87 kg/ha
Sulphur 215.19 kg/ha
Nitrogen 43.97 kg/ha
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Application system

All our groundspreads are fitted with twin spinners to provide accurate spread, it spreads both granular and powder fertiliser types extremely efficiently. It allows us to spread large quantities of fertiliser to be spread over a large area with the minimum number of passes. They also are fitted with scales to enable accurate weighing of product.


All our spreaders are fitted with anti roll systems which alert the office if the cab tips over 45 degrees. All spreaders have full roll bars,  and every driver carries an e-pirb devices.

State-of-the-art job tracking technology

With the ability of online booking systems such as Precision Farming, Tracmap and MyBallance, Farm IQ,  and Hawke Eye to integrate into our  dispatch software, Our dispatchers can easily book your work and dispatch direct to our trucks. We can work in with any online ordering systems, or you can just pick up the phone and give us a call to book your spreading in.

We ensure we use industry specific software to not only dispatch our trucks but also to guide, and document the applications of fertiliser.  Our dispatchers can easily book your work in, and dispatch direct to our trucks seamlessly.

All our trucks run both Tracmap and Precision Tracking software to enable you to access proof of placement data.

This also allows our trucks to use GPS guidance systems to ensure that all fertiliser applications are applied efficiently.

The driver can see in real time where they have spread, eliminating overlaps and missed areas. This information is also easily retriable if a spread is required to return to finish an application at a later date.

Spreadmark Certified

All our groundspreaders are Spreadmark certified ensuring that all our equipment reaches the highest of industry standards. We re-test all our equipment on a regular basis to maintain our high level of excellence in spreading.

We are also a member of the Groundspread Fertilisers Association.

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